Message to the Nova Scotia Tourism Industry - Provincial Visitor Information Centres

TIANS is extremely pleased that Minister Mark Furey has announced that the province will continue to support the operations at all of the six Provincial Visitor Information Centres - 
see release.

TIANS has been a strong proponent for change that will enhance Nova Scotia’s tourism industry. TIANS believes that if the Visitor Information Centres are viewed in the context of increasing per person expenditures, they will play an even greater role in our collective ability to increase economic activity throughout the province.

Over the last number of months, TIANS has been advocating to Tourism Nova Scotia that a broader conversation take place on all areas of the 2013 Tourism Strategy. These included visitor services; the role of festivals and major events as drivers of incremental economic activity; the identification of Nova Scotia icons, and the opportunities to commercialise products and experiences at these sites; product development; quality and the labour agenda, etc.

TIANS believes the 2013 Tourism Strategy needs dedicated attention, and future decisions must be made in a broader context of improving Nova Scotia’s tourism economy.

TIANS wants to thank the many Members; Municipal Councils and Industry Stakeholders throughout Nova Scotia who have contributed thoughtful perspectives during this conversation. 

We have a great deal of work ahead as we strive to double tourism revenues to $4 Billion annually by 2024. TIANS will continue to support change that advances the success of Nova Scotia’s most promising economic sector. 

We will stay in touch and encourage you to do the same - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .