Transportation Advocacy

Bay Ferries Ltd to take over operation of Yarmouth Ferry 

TIANS was pleased to hear the province has awarded a contract to Bay Ferries Limited as the new operator of the Yarmouth Ferry. Read More

Senate Committee Report: Layers of Aviation Taxes, Fees and Levies are Hindering Canada's Economic Growth

The final report of a key Senate committee study on air travel proves a framework for the modernization of Canada's aviation policy that will make our travel sector more competitive. Read More

Digby/Saint John Ferry Service

As we await decisions around the future funding support for the Digby/ Saint John Ferry service, TIANS has written TIANB to see what additional joint initiatives can be done to ensure the best solution for this important ferry route. To view the letter click here.

February Edition - The Tourism Connection

The connection between transportation and tourism is one of interdependence.
Lately, there has been growing public concern around various transportation issues. The demise of Acadian Lines last fall highlighted how vulnerable our intermodal transportation system is. What also came to light during that time was how restrictive our transportation policies are and how they make it difficult to do business. We must take great care to find the right balance between restrictive regulations and total deregulation – too many regulations strangle success - Thankfully Maritime Bus has replaced this service, with a new level of flexibility in scheduling; however, this does not address the underlying issue of how fragile the system is. Read More

Open Skies - Why Not?

In the November edition of the Nova Scotia Business Journal - Tourism Connection column TIANS addressed the challenges related to the costs of flying into Nova Scotia and lately there has been renewed media focus on this as an important economic issue in Canada. Last year, over 5 million Canadians took advantage of the cheaper prices - costing millions in lost revenue for Canadian airports, airlines, and governments. TIANS has written to our National representatives for their support and action on this issue. Read More