Marketing Levies - TIANS Position 2016

Since TIANS revised their position on Levies in 2013, there have been additional levies implemented and more being contemplated.TIANS believes a coordinated approach on this issue would ensure the dollars raised are leveraged in the most beneficial way to build new tourism receipts into the Province. Read More

Repositioning Tourism in the Nova Scotia Economy

With a new and innovative approach to tourism in Nova Scotia we are confident that the Tourism Industry can increase its contribution to the provincial economy and become Nova Scotia's #1 service export. Reaching $4 billion with revenue distribution throughout all Nova Scotia communities; the impact will be significant. Read More

TIANS Appointments to Tourism Nova Scotia

We have heard from many of you regarding TIANS' influence on the direction of Tourism Nova Scotia. As a result of the change in governance to a crown corporation, TIANS nominated reps have been unable to actively engage in discussions with TIANS for industry input. As a result, TIANS sent correspondence to Minister Furey in regards to TIANS' role in Board appointments. TIANS has discussed this with the TNS Board and will be formalizing a new process that will enable industry input before decisions are made, we anticipate meetings in this regards to resume in the New Year. To view the letter, please click here.

TIANS Position on Provincial Resorts

TIANS has been vocal in its support of provincial resorts and the role they play as part of tourism infrastructure. To view TIANS' June Media Release, as well as the November 19th correspondence sent to Minister Furey, please click here.

Provincial Levy Working Group

Over the past number of years, various regions of NS have implemented or have been in discussions to implement a room levy as a way to generate marketing revenue. TIANS is meeting with its industry partners to discuss the best approach for Nova Scotia and whether a broad industry position on this issue can be developed. Recent meetings on November 23rd and December 8th included all regional associations, DMO's and Industry-at-large participants. 

Visitor Services Strategy

The closure of two provincial visitor centres in 2015 and the recent media attention around possible future closures has prompted TIANS to advocate for a broad approach around visitor services. TIANS has written to Tourism Nova Scotia to ascertain plans in regards to the Provincial Centres and advocate for a broad strategy around how we service and sell to our visitors. Both regional and provincial centres as well as other service points, need to be part of the discussion. We believe engaging municipal partners and industry stakeholders in the discussion will ensure a tourism first approach. 

Tourism Identified as a Solution for Nova Scotia's Economy

The Nova Scotia Commission on Building Our New Economy released their final report “Now or Never” that has recommended a renewed focus on tourism with a doubling of revenue over the next decade. Read More

Tourism Works for Nova Scotia - Narrative Toolkit

Over the past year, TIANS developed a new communication strategy to help us increase the dialogue around tourism in the province. One of the ways we will be successful is to shift the narrative about tourism. We all have a role to play and TIANS has developed a narrative toolkit to help you tell our story in a more powerful way - because a good story, a really good story, changes the way people think and feel. It connects the audience to how this matters to them. And once they care, they will engage! Please be sure to participate in a workshop in your area. Read More

Red Tape Reduction – Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations

TIANS is working in partnership with Service Nova Scotia & Municipal Relations (SNSMR) to advance a provincial government initiative focused on streamlining the processes required to start and operate restaurant and accommodations businesses in NS. This project provides an opportunity to help influence some of the current challenges in opening and operating a tourism business from a regulatory perspective (particularly licensing, permits etc.). For additional information, or to offer your insight, please contact Lisa Dahr at the TIANS office at 902-422-5249 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Tourism's Role in Rural Nova Scotia

TIANS Board met with members from the Nova Scotia Commission on Building Our New Economy in New Glasgow, to talk about tourism’s role in rural Nova Scotia. In preparation for the meeting, TIANS commissioned Dr. Nancy Chesworth of Mount Saint Vincent University to develop a position paper on Rural Tourism. To view the position Paper click here. To view TIANS Recommendations to the Commission click here. To view our presentation, click here.

"Close to Home"– Global TV launches local travel show

Global TV morning show has launched a travel segment to highlight special places and things to do in Nova Scotia of interest to their viewership. To view the travel show segments, please click here

Government Programs for Nova Scotia Businesses

One of the most common requests we receive is what programs exist for business support. TIANS has put together a list of current programs, which might be beneficial in building your business. They range from capital investment support, training support and beyond. Read More

Business of Tourism - Public Profile

TIANS has undertaken enhanced communication activities to increase the profile of the value of tourism to the public and elevate the conversation around issues impacting tourism. Various articles have appeared in a number of publications. The Nova Scotia Business Journal features TIANS monthly in the Tourism Connection column. Read More


Province Kicks Off New Marketing Campaign - On March 13 TIANS attended the launch of the new marketing campaign where the province is pitching Nova Scotia as the "perfect road trip", an aggressive marketing campaign to increase first-time visitors and boost overall tourism.  Read More  To view hi-res, downloadable photos, video and audio clips, please click here

The Chronicle Herald also featured an article on the new mobile app - Travel guide at your finger tips - information of events and destinations from across Nova Scotia is now available with the swipe of a finger.