Environmental Advocacy

TIANS Supports Clean Pictou Air

TIANS supports the request from the Clean Pictou Air group of businesses to find a solution. Read More.

Aquaculture Appointment

TIANS has been appointed to the Nova Scotia Aquaculture Regulatory Review Round Table. The round table members will create and provide recommendations regarding the future of regulatory reviews and decisions related to the aquaculture industry in Nova Scotia. The committee is expected to have a draft of the recommendations prepared by the Spring of 2014. For further information on the process click here.

Sustainable Transportation

TIANS has taken a partnership role with the Go Maritimes project. This initiative is led by the Ecology Action Centre and is intended to provide a collaborative information system and database to provide commuters with travel options across the Maritime Provinces. To date, the project has developed a test website/database and various marketing opportunities are being explored.

McNab’s and Lawlor’s Advisory Committee

As part of the McNab’s and Lawlor Provincial Park Advisory Committee, TIANS has contributed to a review process focused on trail development and experiences on McNab’s Island. The review was directed by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and completed by RMA Tourism. A final recommendation and report is expected from DNR early in 2014.

Climate Change and Tourism: Impacts and Adaptation for Coastal Communities in Nova Scotia

Climate changes are likely to influence future tourism experiences and visitor trends, which in turn are likely to be different than what they are today. It will affect tourism destinations in various ways, based on geographic location and attractions/vacation type. With the foreseen melting ice sheets and glaciers due to global warming, coupled with land subsidence, sea levels are expected to rise by 70 to 140 cm in Nova Scotia over the next 100 years, accompanied by a variety of general effects which may further influence potential tourists' choice of destination. A variety of resources are available to Industry which are linked to the Climate Change Project.  

  • 2012 Tourism Summit, notes and presentations 
  • Workshop, "Losing Ground: Dealing with Erosion", March 26th, 2012: report and presentations 
  • Workshop, "Building a Better Boardwalk: What to do with Le Quai Mathieu", February 14th, 2012: report and presentations 
  • Public presentation, "Climate change and its impact on our community in Chéticamp", February 13th, 2012: presentations 
  • Mount Saint Vincent University: An Assessment of Climate Change and Tourism in Chéticamp, Nova Scotia (Fall 2011) - Student group research project: report, presentation and summary 
  • A Fact Sheet was produced in March 2012 in order to inform the tourism industry of Nova Scotia, as well as identify certain opportunities and threats related to climate change. Click here to see the fact sheet. (For a French version of the fact sheet please click here)

Agricultural Lands Important Tourism Assets

TIANS is lending its voice to the Protection of Agricultural Lands in Nova Scotia. To view TIANS response to Statement of Provincial Interest as it relates to agricultural lands click here

Western Crown Lands Planning Process

TIANS is encouraging industry members to participate in one of a number of open house consultations being coordinated by the Department of Natural Resources to offer insight and ideas on uses for 1.5 million acres of Crown land in the western region. The consultations will help develop a long term plan which includes lands recently acquired from Bowater Mersey Ltd.

The province is considering a range of uses for the land including agricultural operations, mineral exploration, and renewable energy. Additional considerations include wineries, maple syrup production, cranberry growing, tourism and recreation. It is crucial that tourism's voice is heard during this consultation process so make a point of attending one of the upcoming meetings. To view the schedule, please click here. If you cannot attend one of the meetings, please submit your comments online or via direct mail. For more information visit www.novascotia.ca/natr 

Proposed Plan for Parks and Wilderness Areas

In February, following extensive consultation, the Nova Scotia Departments of Environment and Natural Resources released the Draft Parks and Protected Areas Plan. TIANS urges our members to provide final input into how the province’s natural spaces are managed and protected.

Currently, about 9.3% of land in Nova Scotia is protected. Under the proposed plan, this would increase to more than 13%, surpassing the legislated goal to protect at least 12% of land in Nova Scotia. The public has until May 1st to review and comment on the proposed plan. Your tourism perspective and feedback will help shape the final strategy. To view upcoming stakeholder sessions, please click here. Should you be unable to attend a session in person, the Department is accepting online submissions or send in your written report for information on how to get involved please click here.

Nova Scotia Communities Honoured with Provincial Awards

TIANS honoured the 2012 Communities in Bloom Program participants at an Awards Presentation during the Tourism Summit in Halifax. The awards were presented on November 27 at the World Trade and Convention Centre in recognition of the ongoing commitment to beautification, environmental awareness, volunteer involvement and heritage conservation by a number of Nova Scotia communities. Read More

Two Significant Announcements Made by Goverment in December

On December 10th an agreement was reached with Resolute Forest Products to purchase 555,000 acres of commercial and protected woodlands, including the Medway, Rossignol and St. Margaret's Bay districts. The province has expressed interest in a diverse plan for the region which could include additional Wilderness Protected Areas and development of a community based forestry. On December 4th, the government announced they will be adding $1 million annually to the provincial parks' budget. Stating that this was in response to public feedback during recent consultation sessions, the Department of Natural Resources indicates they intend to use the funds to build or enhance large scale projects in parks, such as washroom and administration buildings, and to redevelop some camping parks. Nova Scotia has 20 camping parks and 122 day use parks, which include picnic parks and provincial beach parks. 65% of Nova Scotians visit a park at least once per year. The province's natural resources strategy, The Path We Share, commits the province to establishing a sustainable park system for the future. The goals for provincial parks are available here.