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Celebration of our Pride in Service

Nova Scotia Pineapple Awards

What are the Pineapple Awards?

The Nova Scotia Pineapple Awards are a Celebration of our Pride in Service and a recognition of the individuals who go above and beyond what is expected to enrich a visitor’s stay in Nova Scotia.

Who is Nominated?

Any service provider (a guide, driver, host, salesperson, police officer, etc.) who exceeded service expectations of our guests.

Were you “wowed” while visiting Nova Scotia? It could be that you asked your accommodation host for directions and ended up with a personally guided tour. Or a retail person tracked down the outfit you just had to have in your size and favourite colour. Maybe you have a co-worker who consistently shows exemplary service skills to internal and external customers. We want to know the story! Nominate that person for a Pineapple Award and celebrate their dedication to exceeding your expectations.

When are the awards?

At the annual “Crystal Tourism Awards of Excellence” Gala Dinner hosted by TIANS at the Tourism Summit, the Tourism Event of the Year.

What is awarded?

The reward of an opportunity to experience Nova Scotia in VIP style! Recognition from Industry and the Public on a job well done.

How do I participate?

  • Recognize excellence and tell us about your exceptional experience!
  • Display the Nova Scotia Pineapple Awards ballots at your place of business, fill out the online nomination form, or call or email us directly with your story.
  • Tell visitors what the pineapple represents, its maritime history, and how they can participate.Encourage visitors to take a ballot or fill out the nomination form on the TIANS website.
  • Nominate a co-worker who shows exemplary service skills to internal and external customers.

Why should I participate?

  • Be part of a campaign that promotes, recognizes and rewards service excellence to Nova Scotia’s 5.2 Million visitors.
  • Your company will be associated with service excellence.
  • Your peers and customers will recognize that your company has a commitment to high service standards.
  • Your company name will be included with your employee’s if he/she is a Nova Scotia Pineapple Awards Winner.

Please contact the Pineapple Awards Coordinator to submit your nomination story or request ballots for your property

Lisa Dahr at (902) 423-4480 or [email protected].