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West Mabou Beach Provincial Park

April 21, 2023

April 21, 2023

Honourable Tory Rushton
Department of Natural Resources and Renewables
PO Box 698
Halifax NS B3J 2T9

Dear Minister Rushton:

On behalf of the Tourism Industry Association of Nova Scotia we are writing to applaud your government’s efforts in dealing with the potential request to develop a golf course in West Mabou Beach Provincial Park.

Taking the initiative on whether or not something could be considered, as it relates to a golf course was prudent, to determine within provincial protected sites.

As noted in our earlier correspondence, TIANS believes the existing legislation around Parks and Protected Areas needs to be modernized to ensure the intent of protected sites is supported by the legislation, thus limiting future such requests and ensuring these areas remain truly protected for generations to come.

We also encourage continued acceleration on the completion of your government’s commitment to the Protected Areas network.

Thank you for your leadership


Wes Surrett

Darlene Grant Fiander
TIANS President

cc Premier Tim Houston
Minister Pat Dunn, Communities, Culture, Tourism & Heritage
Tourism Nova Scotia