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Media Release

Tourism Jeopardized by Ferry Cancellation

December 18, 2009

HALIFAX, NS (December 18, 2009) – The Tourism Industry Association of Nova Scotia (TIANS) is extremely concerned about the announcement by Bay Ferries to end their highspeed CAT ferry service between Yarmouth, Nova Scotia and Portland and Bar Harbor, Maine.

“This announcement is a serious blow to Nova Scotia’s tourism industry,” says Danny Morton, Chair of TIANS. “The loss of ferry service between the U.S. and Nova Scotia weakens our position in the marketplace and greatly diminishes our ability to draw visitors here through a key port of entry.”

From a tourism perspective, access into the province remains a critical issue. A comprehensive transportation strategy which addresses the needs of tourism and trade is crucial to the province’s success. “This loss reinforces that a critical gap exists in our ability to get visitors here through efficient and cost effective transportation,” says Morton.

The industry has been facing serious issues during the last few years. Global economic conditions have created uncertainty for an industry which has been a key revenue generator to Nova Scotia’s economy. Tourism spending in Nova Scotia generated $1.3 billion in revenues in 2008 and contributed nearly $204 million in provincial tax revenue. The decision to end support of the service highlights the lack of understanding of the value of tourism investment to the entire provincial economy.

TIANS urges all involved to expedite efforts to find viable permanent solutions to the ferry service into Nova Scotia. “We will not be able to build a healthy and sustainable tourism industry if we continue to ignore these very difficult issues. For both tourism and trade there needs to be a greater level of confidence in the transportation network,” says Morton. TIANS mandate is to lead, support, represent and enhance Nova Scotia’s tourism industry.

TIANS is the provincial advocate for the Nova Scotia tourism industry and strives to enhance the industry’s competitiveness and prosperity through increased professionalism and product development. In accomplishing this goal, TIANS works closely with many partners, regional and sector associations and all levels of government.

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