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Position Statement – HRM Centre Plan B

Tourism Industry Association of Nova Scotia (TIANS) Urges Reconsideration

October 29, 2021


The Centre Plan B for HRM seems to be devoid of a perspective that considers quality of life for residents and visitors. The Plan seems disproportionately focused on density and development that to date, has not addressed some core social issues.

It is also a very complex process you are expecting residents to provide input around – there is no clarity as to what all these changes will mean to overall aesthetic and vision for the Municipality.

Tourism is very important to HRM’s economic, cultural and historical well being and HRM has many important tourism assets. People are selling destinations that celebrate and protect heritage and development that is on a scale that supports human activity.

We would suggest sober second thought around some key components including historic districts; density that is affecting climate change and overall quality of life.

As we emerge from the extraordinary period post Covid-19, it is imperative that major initiatives such as this be reconsidered in the appropriate context to ensure both shortand long-term implications are thoughtfully considered. This will ensure we are clear on a vision for HRM which creates a sense of place that celebrates our past and encourages innovation for the future.

Submitted by:
TIANS – October 26, 2:41PM
Contact: Lisa Dahr
Ph: 902-422-5249 Email: [email protected]