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Spring Bear Hunt Pilot Project

February 21, 2024

February 21, 2024

Minister Tory Rushton
Department of Natural Resources and Renewables
PO Box 698
Halifax NS B3J 2T9

Dear Minister Rushton:

On behalf of the Tourism Industry Association of Nova Scotia (TIANS), we are writing in regards to the proposed Spring Bear Hunt Pilot Project.

We were unaware of this consultation until today, and with a short deadline of 30 days that ends on the 24th, trust many Nova Scotians are also unaware. We would suggest a more targeted approach with outreach to impacted sectors, for input.

TIANS and Tourism Nova Scotia are undertaking the development of a new Tourism Strategy for the province. A highlight in the research to date is the growth of Adventure Tourism and Recreation. Our outdoor product, camping and other activities are key to extending the shoulder season for tourism in Nova Scotia. What impact will a bear hunt at the beginning of Nova Scotia’s lucrative tourism season have on the sector? Without understanding all the nuances of this policy adjustment, we would suggest it could be a deterrent.

We urge you to extend the consultation period to allow for a better review and opportunity for input from sectors that will be impacted; similar to your approach on the Coastal Protection Act.

A tourism lens on decisions like this would go a long way to ensure any inadvertent impacts, as we continue to rebuild the NS tourism economy.
Thank you for your consideration on this important issue.


Wes Surrett

Darlene Grant Fiander
TIANS President

cc Premier Houston
TIANS Board of Directors