Political Parties Make Commitements to the Tourism Industry  

TIANS is pleased to have received responses on tourism questions from the three main political parties in anticipation of the upcoming election.

“Tourism is a major economic driver for the province, generating over $2 billion in revenue and over $230 million in taxes that help governments pay for social services like health care and education. Tourism is one of the best opportunities for governments to generate revenue in every community throughout the province and it should be a substantive part of the economic platform for the province,” says Scott MacAulay, Chairman of the Tourism Industry Association of Nova Scotia.

“Elections tend to be about spending promises and we would like to see thoughtful discussion about how the next government will support and help grow an existing sustainable industry like tourism,” says MacAulay.

“With $1.18 billion of the revenue being generated by non-residents – this makes tourism an important export industry,” says Darlene Grant Fiander, President of TIANS. Tourism creates jobs in rural and urban communities with 1 in 3 Nova Scotians starting their working life in a tourism position. “Imagine what many of our communities would look like without the tourism infrastructure in place,” says Grant Fiander. “If we invest appropriately in sustainable sectors like tourism, Nova Scotia’s economic recovery will be on its way”.

TIANS has posted all party responses at Tourism Matters-Election 2013.

Working with partner associations and stakeholders, TIANS is committed to representing the best interests of the Industry; enhancing and supporting the development of a competitive business environment; advocating on issues critical to the industry's success; and most importantly, leading Nova Scotia's most promising economic sector.
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