Canadian Tourism Sector Compensation—What Are Your Competitors Paying?

The Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council (CTHRC) has released the median wage and salary tables from the 2012 Canadian Tourism Sector Compensation Study. This biennial study reports on 45 different occupations in Canada’s tourism industry. The national, provincial and territorial wage tables show the median annual salary and/or hourly wage for tourism occupations by industry group, region, and employment status.

As well as median pay, these tables provide the median introductory wage or salary and the maximum wage or salary, that organization's using a pay scale offer for each position. The tables also show the median bonus and or commission for those employees that receive one.

Understanding compensation trends is not only important for tourism businesses, but also for job seekers, educators, media, and those who help shape public policy in the Canadian tourism sector. The information contained in the 2012 Canadian Tourism Sector Compensation Study is valuable for all tourism stakeholders and is essential for the development and implementation of consistent and effective human resource strategies in the sector.

The 2012 Canadian Tourism Sector Compensation Study median salary and wage tables for Nova Scotia are available as a free download.