“TIANS membership is invaluable to our organization and industry.  By using TIANS benefit supplier Efficiency Nova Scotia, we saved approximately $15,000 on the purchase price of thermostats and lighting.  Thanks to TIANS, our organization saves tens of thousands of dollars every year on energy costs.” – Jim Kramer, Vice President, Purchasing, PACRIM Hospitality Services


Running a tourism business is tough – a TIANS membership makes it easier. Join TIANS and know you always have someone to support your business development and be in your corner when it counts.

  • Leadership – provide leadership on matters that impact the competitiveness and success of the tourism industry.
  • Save YOU money – offer cost saving and competitive benefits that directly affect your bottom line.
  • Free, expert advice – deliver invaluable service to our members and help our members create world class business through providing expert advice, contacts and support.
  • Advocacy – enhance Nova Scotia’s tourism industry’s performance by influencing political decision making.
  • Industry Support – align with associations and stakeholders that support Nova Scotia tourism’s industry.

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“Nova Scotia has assets that no other place can duplicate and if we package this with high-quality product and service once they get here, we will be well on our way to greater economic success for the province.” – Nova Scotia Business Journal, May 2012

Invest in Nova Scotia’s tourism industry.
As your Provincial association, TIANS fiercely advocates for a competitive and sustainable tourism industry so that all regions of Nova Scotia can enjoy stable and long-term success.

Service to our membership remains TIANS first priority.
TIANS ability to improve the business environment and represent the overall interests of Nova Scotia’s tourism industry is possible because of our strong membership support.

TIANS continually renews our commitment to ensuring a return on investment for our members through competitive member benefits.
As the voice of tourism, TIANS continues to listen carefully to our member's needs by accessing cost saving and competitive benefits to ensure the best rates are being offered to our members.