TIANS Encourages Support for International Marine Link

July 14, 2016 (Halifax, N.S.) – The Chairman of the Tourism Industry Association of Nova Scotia (TIANS) is urging all stakeholders to support the international ferry link and make it a success.
“The international link to the United States is a tremendous opportunity to create new businesses and jobs across our Province,” says Glenn Squires, TIANS Chairman. “Nova Scotians have made a significant financial investment in this ferry service. By working together we will maximize the return on investment for everyone.”
The current arrangement has been made with a highly credible and successful operator. Nova Scotia needs to support Bay Ferries’ efforts as they grow demand through their customer-focused and dependable service. There will be plenty of time at the end of the contract to measure success and hold all stakeholders to account. Having daily figures will not impact the overall success of the season: in fact the ongoing negative conversation continues to affect the Nova Scotia brand and the confidence of tour operators that a link will be there in future years.
Bay Ferries Limited released their first passenger report on July 11th. In addition to new ridership, the company’s effort has resulted in over 50 new jobs to date, over 1,200 room nights across Nova Scotia, and the purchasing and promotion of local products and supplies from Nova Scotian companies.
“The tourism potential of this link is substantial. With 113 million people in the Eastern Seaboard of the U.S., we believe, that given time, we will recapture a significant market share,” says Darlene Grant Fiander, TIANS President.
Tourism generates over $2 billion annually, generating $260 million in tax revenue for governments to spend on social services such as health care and education. “This is a bright spot for Nova Scotia - as highlighted by the Now or Never Report. We need to ensure easy access into the Province to meet our growth targets. In fact, for every $1 invested $3.2 is generated in the community. There are growing stories from across Nova Scotia on the impact of visitors via this international link and we believe this will only get stronger,” says Grant Fiander.
Working with partner associations and stakeholders, TIANS is committed to representing the best interests of the industry; enhancing and supporting the development of a competitive business environment; advocating on issues critical to the industry’s success; and most importantly, leading Nova Scotia’s most promising economic sector.
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