Tourism Revenue Reached $2.6 Billion in 2016 - With Right Approach, More to Come

Halifax, N.S. (February 17, 2017) – The announcement this week by Premier McNeil that the tourism industry generated $2.6 Billion in revenue in 2016, is a significant milestone.

TIANS is confident that with the right approach, tourism can do more and meet the $4 Billion annual revenue goal identified in the Now or Never Report.

TIANS noted that currently, Nova Scotia is generating the majority of revenue in a condensed period of time. "We believe that with a strategic approach, the tourism industry can play an even greater role in economic development for the Province," says Glenn Squires, TIANS Chairman. "Seasonality is an issue we need to address, Nova Scotia has the potential to develop niche markets that will extend business into the shoulder season; as well, winter tourism development has had little attention. We believe that festival & events and pre-and-post conference business can play a significant role in greatly enhancing tourism receipts for the Province."

Tourism generated almost $300 Million in tax revenues for government to fund essential services like health care and education. Tourism is a revenue centre for government and plays a crucial role in rural economies. For every $1 invested, another $3.2 is generated in the community.

"No other sector can do what tourism does for the province, not only is it a significant revenue generator in every community, it also plays an important role in the social, cultural and historical aspects of the Province," says Squires. New investment in air access, infrastructure, season extension, enhanced quality and addressing labour issues are all important components of the tourism conversation as Nova Scotia builds toward $4 Billion.

Working with partner associations and stakeholders, TIANS is committed to representing the best interests of the industry; enhancing and supporting the development of a competitive business environment; advocating on issues critical to the industry's success; and most importantly, leading Nova Scotia's most promising economic sector.

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